California thinking about banning gas powered cars

Californians may soon have to only buy electric cars.

Regulators are floating the idea of banning gas powered cars as a measure to improve air quality in The Golden State.


Speaking at an air-quality workshop in San Diego, Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, was expected to toss in the idea of killing off gas-powered cars based on her prepared remarks. They called for her to list ways in which the state can get tougher on pollution.

“That might mean, for example, tougher requirements for low-carbon fuels, looking at tighter health-protective regulations on California refineries, doubling down on our enforcement efforts on mobile and stationary sources — and might lead to an outright ban on internal-combustion engines,” according to the remarks obtained by Bloomberg News.

But when it came to actually delivering the remarks, the direct reference to a gas-engine ban was omitted. In closing the conference, Nichols said if the air can’t be cleaned fast enough, tougher measures like “fees, taxes and bans on certain types of vehicles” might be required. She added, “These are things that most of us don’t think is the right way to go.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a gas fueled car ban has been considered. In 2018, a Sacramento lawmaker introduced a bill to “ban the sale of internal combustion passenger vehicles in the state starting in 2040.”

His initial bill didn’t get a hearing, so he brought a more “modest” proposal forward at the end of last year.

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