TRAILER: ‘Angel has Fallen’

There are tons and tons of films in which the president’s life is put in peril, with one false the most powerful man in the world is dead.

Gerard Butler seems to specialize in these kind of films. He’s starred in “Olympus has Fallen,” “London has Fallen” and now, coming in August 2009, “Angel has Fallen.”

Angel has Fallen” is the story of Mike Banning who is selected by the president to be the head of the Secret Service. Unfortunately, soon after he’s picked for the position, there is an attempt on the president’s life and all signs point to Banning who must clear his name.

Nick Nolte, Jada Pinkett Smith and Morgan Freeman all star in the third entry into this “Fallen” series.

“Angel has Fallen” opens in theaters on Aug. 22. CheckĀ  out the trailer.

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