Missouri Senate passes bill banning abortion after eight weeks

Only a day after the Alabama governor signed their new abortion law into effect, Missouri is following with their own, voting 24-10 to approve a bill that bans abortions after eight weeks.

Exceptions are made for medical emergencies or where the life of the mother is in jeopardy, but like the Alabama bill, doctors who perform the procedure after the eight week period could face criminal charges and jail time of up to fifteen years.

Rape and incest will not be considered exceptions.

It goes back to the Missouri House, which approved it earlier this year, and then on to the Republican Governor Mike Parson to sign.

“My administration will execute the laws the Legislature passes,” Parson told reporters  “And this pro-life administration will not back down.”

Pro-choice supporters are angry, saying it’s an attack on reproductive rights for women and women will die because of it.

Those on the pro-life side are divided; many don’t believe in any exceptions and others say excluding rape and incest from the bills is going too far.




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