Pat Robertson on Alabama abortion law: ‘They’ve gone too far,’ ‘it’s an extreme law’

For as long as I can remember, Pat Robertson has been on “The 700 Club.” Never actually watched it but, like most people, I’ve heard of it.

As much as he’s know for his long-running program and former Republican presidential candidate, he’s also known for making controversial statements. His comments are normally something to the effect of God damning America for the direction in which our country is headed, for a law that was passed.

Well, Robertson has done it again. However, instead his latest comments on Alabama’s abortion law are shocking for a much different reason. The pro-life Robertson believes the law has gone too far.

It’s not that 89-year-old Robertson has suddenly changed his position on procedure but it’s that he believes such a law has absolutely no chance to win approval from the Supreme Court and overturn Roe vs Wade.

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