Fans upset with ‘Game of Thrones’ final season, begin petition asking for redo

Apparently, there’s this program on HBO called “Game of Thrones.” And if you’ve ever been on Twitter or Facebook on Sunday evening, you’ll be able to deduct that it has a fairly dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Having never watched an entire episode, from what I tell can tell – simply from reading social media and talking to its rabid fans – it involves dragons, wizards, orcs, incest and because it’s on HBO, nudity.

Also, due to living with a fan of the HBO program, I understand the program is in its 8th and final season, with the much-anticipated series finale Sunday evening. But some of those fans aren’t exactly thrilled with how things are shaping up on the beloved fantasy series this season. In fact, they want a do over.

Because people really have no other concerns, a petition has been started to actually redo the show’s entire 8th and final season with “competent writers.” Currently, it has nearly 100,000 signatures with a goal of 150,000.



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