Comedian’s jokes about Muslims prompt audience member to call 911

Political correctness and fear are ruining comedy in America.

And wouldn’t you know, this incident happened in Florida?

According to a report by Naples, Florida’s local NBC affiliate, an audience member at the Off The Hook Comedy Club called 911 when the comedian Ahmed Ahmed began making jokes about Muslims and terrorists.

The caller said Ahmed asked the audience how many Middle Eastern people were there, according to a 911 call released by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller said about “25 Muslims” were at the show, claiming to be from Iran and Iraq. Later, Ahmed allegedly said, “We could organize our own terrorist organization.”

The comedian posted the joke to his Twitter account, encouraging people to listen to it.

He also said the call caused so much attention that the club invited him back.

“Hey Naples, FL!!! The 9-11 call made against me has caused so much of a ruckus that has invited me back by popular demand! ONE NIGHT ONLY – May 22nd! This show will sell out so get tickets now.”



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