Beto O’Rourke: Stacey Abrams handled defeat with grace

Beto O’Rourke is still trying to make inroads with particular voting blocs as he continues to campaign for the presidency.

The failed senate candidate appeared on “The View” Tuesday where he was asked a number of things, including about his terrible “Vanity Fair” cover and his white privilege.

Another topic that came up during his appearance was Stacey Abrams’ loss in Georgia. O’Rourke must not have watched any news program, picked up a newspaper or even stumbled across a news website since November.

That’s because O’Rourke said Abrams took her gubernatorial defeat in grace, even though he says it was rigged.

Perhaps Beto doesn’t know that she still refuses to say lost, in fact, the woman has actually said on a number of instances that she won.

But hey, Beto has to atone for being a white man somehow and totally disregarding reality with his answer here is one way to do that in the Democratic Party.

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