Actress: Having an abortion was best decision I ever made, for me and the baby

The left is absolutely in love with killing the unborn and they aren’t shy about it, either.

And if you put any kind of restrictions at all on the “medical procedure” you’re likely to be greeted with a horde of angry, unmarried cat women screaming about living in “The Handmaid’s Tale” or some crap.

They simply want unfettered access to and the ability to terminate the life of a child right up until and possibly even after it exits the mother’s womb and nothing else will do.

Currently, the tolerant leftists in Hollywood are losing their minds over Georgia’s Heartbeat law. They are threatening to boycott Georgia, despite the film’s generous film incentives.

Actress and self-described feminist Jameela Jamil, while ranting and raving about Georgia and how they are blatantly demonstrating their hatred of women, revealed that she herself had an abortion.

However, Jamil called her abortion “the best decision she ever made, for both her and the baby.” I bet the baby would think differently.

Apparently, the child being dead is better than it ending up in foster care with people that would, oh I don’t know, actually love it and take care of it.

There is a culture of death on the left and they are immensely proud of it.

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