Mark Cuban about Bernie Sanders: ‘Shouldn’t he have some success in Vermont first?’

Bernie Sanders is one of 22 Dems running for President of the United States. However, unlike 19 of them Sanders actually appears to have a real shot of capturing the Democratic nomination for president.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the Democrats Sanders wants to dramatically change the United States. Name something and Bernie likely wants the government to get involved and provide it.

The millionaire democratic-socialist has also been apart of the government for three decades, never having actually worked in the private sector. But one must ask, in his 30 years in government, what has Bernie actually accomplished?

Fair question, right? He’s proposed a lot of things. He’s one of the most liberal, partisan members of the Senate.

Former Sen. Barney Frank, a Democrat, described Sanders’ legislative accomplishments as  “to state the ideological position he took on the left, but with the exception of a few small things, he never got anything done.”

Now, billionaire Mark Cuban is asking a similar question. What has Bernie done? Shouldn’t he show he can make Vermont better before getting a promotion?

These aren’t off the wall questions, instead these are things any rational person would ask themselves before pulling the lever for someone.


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