Kamala Harris wants you to pay for health care of those in the country illegally

The Democrats running for president are some of the most generous politicians you’ll likely ever hear talk about the issues. There really isn’t anything that they won’t give away – paid for by other people’s money.

Kamala Harris, whose campaign isn’t doing so hot, seems to be taking the Elizabeth Warren route and is promising free things in order to secure votes, financial support and raise her sagging poll numbers.

During her appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the California senator said that regardless of whether an individual was in the country illegally or not, no one should be denied access to public health.


Harris’ proposal is the exact reason people can’t stand politicians. This is simply a ploy to get the support of the liberal wing of her party by portraying herself as sympathetic and empathetic. The woman would likely sell her soul if it would help her get votes.

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