WATCH: Bill Maher exposes Dems’ problem of trying to run against Trump, economy

There are currently 22 Democrats running for president with even more that could jump into the race.

One of those nearly two dozen candidates who got in without getting much attention and, in all honesty, is likely to be one of the first to drop out is Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. Ryan, hoping to appeal to the liberal wing of his party, appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night.

Maher, who is a committed liberal, was straight forward with the Ohio congressman, asking him why he’s different than the other 20 candidates. Ryan begins talking about the economy and Maher quickly shuts him down saying that the economy is quite good, unemployment is down and wages have risen.

After Maher’s response, Ryan begins just spouting liberal talking points, nothing different than any of the other candidates running for president.

Again, Ryan will be one of the first to drop out but we’re likely to not even hear when he’s stopped campaigning for the White House.

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