Liberal: Not supporting the #SexStrike means you’re ‘pro-rape’

Social media, in many ways, has benefited society. It allows us to keep in touch with family whom we don’t often get to see in person, reconnect with friends from high school or college and has even turned into a means of employment for some.

But like anything else, along with the good comes the bad. For instance, social media has now doubt made us dumber and meaner, with the most idiotic and vile responses to a news item garnering the most attention. On the other hand, when you’re able to hide behind a keyboard it helps to show the true thoughts and feelings of people.

Nevertheless, on Saturday liberal feminists, led by c-list actor Alyssa Milano, began a #SexStrike. According to Milano, because she believes her “reproductive rights are being erased” she was calling for a Sex Strike. Of course, this is in response to Georgia making the heartbeat abortion ban a law.

It is nice to know that feminists finally discovered that abstinence will lead to no abortions.

Anyway, like anything else everyone had different thoughts and feelings on the subject but without a doubt the most idiotic take was from noted Trump hater Ed Krassenstein. Krassenstein, along with his brother Brian, both seem to have an unhealthy obsession with President Trump, tweeting mere seconds after Trump does with some of the absolute dumbest things you’re likely ever to read.

However, Ed Krassenstein’s take on the whole Sex Strike thing may be the most brain-dead, moronic thing you will read, at least for sometime.


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