Liberal feminists are going on a #SexStrike….to ‘regain control of their bodies’

If liberal feminists weren’t being “constantly oppressed” they’d have absolutely nothing to do or say.

Now, in their latest attempt to gain attention and relevancy, feminists are going on a #SexStrike. Why are these who love to “resist” now resisting sex? Well, it’s to “regain control of their bodies.”

No doubt this is response to Georgia’s heartbeat law, in which the southern state has outlawed abortion if a heartbeat is detected. Because if you don’t have the right to kill a human being after heartbeat is found in all 50 states then what do you really have, according to the feminists’ line of thinking?

Guess which c-list celebrity is leading the charge? Yep, liberal and social justice warrior Alyssa Milano.
But what is truly weird is that feminists like to portray themselves as strong, independent women capable of rising above society and taking care of themselves but if anything happens that they even remotely disagree with they lose their minds!

However, odd is it that feminists are now advocating abstinence to prevent unintended pregnancy?

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