Video of Biden voicing support for border wall resurfaces

President Donald Trump’s signature is immigration. He constantly talks about the need for a wall on the southern border to combat illegal immigration and the flow of drugs from Mexico to the United States.

In the time Trump has been in office, Democrats have been universally against the proposal, calling the president a racist, a bigot and every other name ending in an “ism” or “ist.”

Well, what if I told you that not too long ago, the person currently leading the Democrat presidential field, former Vice President Joe Biden, had the exact same position as Donald Trump not too long ago.

Video shows Biden speaking to a Rotary Club in South Carolina in 2006 about illegal immigration. He mentions his support and vote for a border wall, 700 miles of border wall and the insane amount of drugs coming across our southern border.

Additionally, Biden also mentions cracking down on those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

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