Stacey Abrams considering a 2020 presidential run

Apparently, in the Democratic Party failing up is an actual thing.

Failed senate candidate Beto O’RourkeĀ  – the “great gesticulator” – was defeated by the Democrat’s version of Satan in human form, Republican Ted Cruz. His loss to Cruz came despite massive media help and a creepy cult-like following from his supporters that included choreographed dances and multiple music videos. Despite his loss, O’Rourke launched a 2020 presidential campaign that, despite some noise in the beginning, has failed to really gather any steam and has become an afterthought in the Democratic presidential field.

However, not to be outdone, one other failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate is also considering a presidential run. Stacey Abrams, who loss the Georgia race for governor and decided against a senatorial run in the southern state, is looking at the White House.

Abrams was on Pod Save America, a podcast started by several Obama aides, and confirmed that, yes, she is still debating whether or not to get in the circus that is the 2020 Democratic field.

But if Abrams does get into the race for president, will that mean that she did, in fact, lose the race for Georgia’s governorship, something that she has refused to admit?

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