James Comey: US Attorney General William Barr acting ‘less than honorably’

CNN’s ratings are in the tank. Seriously, they are terrible across the board, consistently coming in dead last.

But for some reason, the executives at the 24-hour news network felt compelled to get a stranglehold on last place as they held a town hall with former FBI director James Comey.

If you can explain why CNN decided to devote primetime television to Comey, you’re better than me because it’s absolutely baffling. Seriously, why would you do such a thing? Who is the audience for that? He’s disliked by the left and the right.

Regardless, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who moderated the event, asked the former FBI director about his feelings on William Barr. Comey, of course, provided the liberal talking point as he said that Barr jumped the gun on his summary of the Mueller report, acted in less than an honorable way and is working as if he’s the president’s lawyer.


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