CO students walk out of vigil for shooting victims saying it was being politicized

The STEM School students walked out of a vigil honoring Kendrick Castillo,  saying that anti-gun groups were trying to politicize the memorial for their classmate. Castillo died after he jumped in front of the gunman to protect other students,

According to USA Today, the event was organized by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and two Democrats spoke at the event, pushing the need for federal action on gun violence.

From USA Today:

After about 30 minutes, hundreds of students from the STEM School stormed out yelling “this is not for us,” “political stunt” and “we are people, not a statement.”

Outside, the traumatized shooting survivors thrust lighted cellphones into the air and chanted “mental health, mental health,” as their hands and voices shook in the cold rain. Angry students pushed and screamed at journalists, demanding to see photos they had taken.

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra said on Twitter that he spoke to some students on the phone and they “became furious after listening to a woman from the far-left gun control group Moms Demand Action, who was heavily politicizing the tragedy.”

Some later said they didn’t want to be used to promote gun control.

Parents and students Tweeted their frustrations with the anti-gun groups, saying they just wanted to remember their classmate.


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