What? Eric Swalwell compares 9/11, bombing of Pearl Harbor to Mueller Report

Eric Swalwell is an elected official in a position to help pass laws that affect our lives.  Also, for someone reason, the California Democrat has launched a 2020 presidential bid.

Swalwell is not much for guns, as he recently advocated for a mandatory gun buyback program and for those who refuse to comply to be thrown in jail.  Apparently, the Golden state congressman also isn’t one for making comparisons as he recently posted on Twitter that Pearly Harbor and 9/11 was similar to the Mueller Report.

Of course, the mental midget is trying to accuse Trump of conspiring with our enemy as he recently talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But there’s one major thing the Swalwell doesn’t seem to grasp of the two previous events he mentions: They were acts of war that resulted in hundred and thousands of people dying.

Others called out the congressman for his moronic comparison.


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