Sens. Ben Cardin, Patty Murray using Mother’s Day to push abortion

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. It’s a time meant to recognize and honor those women who have and do play an important role in our lives.

However, for someone Democrats, it’s also a time to push abortion. As awkward as it may sound that’s exactly what Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Cardin did Wednesday. The senator put out a video decrying the Trump administration’s “assault on women’s health care and reproductive rights.”

Of course, anytime Democrats talk about “reproductive health care” they mean abortion.

But as disgusting as Cardin using Mother’s Day to push abortion is, another Democrat jumped in and also supported the move, Washington Sen. Patty Murray.

Maybe Democrats just don’t understand how women become mothers. Maybe they don’t understand abortion is actually the process that keeps women from becoming mothers.

Perhaps they are just ignorant but I’m guessing that’s not the case.


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