CNN guest: That’s not a human being inside a pregnant woman, it’s part of her

Democrats, among other things, like to act as if they’re the party of science. They tell us that climate change is going to be our undoing and the we only have 12 years or uh…10 years to act or things are going to get messed up!

What’s their solution? Well, we must enact the insanely expensive, job-killing and massive government overreach bill that is the Green New Deal.  It’s our only choice, don’t cha know? Funny how government has both discovered the problem and is the only solution, it’s almost like they planned it that way.

But when it comes to abortion, Democrats absolutely throw science out the window.

“There’s two heartbeats in that pregnant woman? And she didn’t have two heart eight weeks ago? Well, then that is certainly not another human being in there, that is obviously one person,” they tell us.

As crazy as that may sound, that’s exactly what Christine Quinn, a former member of the New York City Council told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.



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