Omar, Tlaib defend Palestine after hundreds of rockets fired into Israel

The Middle East is and has always been a complete and utter mess.  This weekend the violence in that part of the world has escalated once again as militants in Hamas launched hundreds of rockets into Israel.

An estimated 600 rockets were fired into the the tiny nation of Israel beginning Saturday into late Saturday night.  As retaliation for the attacks, Israel responded with airstrikes targeting militant sites. 

According to Rueters,  the weekend’s violence began after two Israeli soldiers were injured after being fired up on an Islamic Jihadi sniper.

There are numerous reports detailing the death and injuries, with as much as many of 23 people reported killed and hundreds others injured.

Following the weekend violence, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib responded as they condemned the violence and seemed to lay the responsibility for this weekend’s violent flare up on Israel.

Many responded to the freshman congresswoman.

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