If you support the wall, Jemele Hill doesn’t think you should celebrate Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo – one of America’s favorite adopted holidays. But this year, liberals are trying to ruin it for those of us who love tacos, margs and queso. You see, we shouldn’t be appropriating someone else’s culture, especially if you support building President Trump’s border wall.

Jemele Hill, former ESPN sports reporter and current writer at The Atlantic has a message for you if you support the wall and partake in Cinco de Mayo today: nobody has any use for you.

Hill tweeted this out this morning, “Good morning to everyone except the people who support building a wall, and spend considerable time marginalizing brown people, but will drink 30 margaritas and wear a sombrero today. Nobody has any use for you.”

Oh, ok.

She then tweeted a link to an article explaining “The True Story of Cinco de Mayo.”

A lot of people agreed with her, but those who didn’t, make some excellent points.


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