Adam Sandler returns to SNL after 24 years, ends show with musical tribute to Chris Farley

While one could make the argument that the last couple seasons of Saturday Night Live haven’t been that great. But for an avid SNL viewer, that was especially true of the last few episodes.

I’ve watched many episodes of the long-running sketch comedy program but I can honestly say that I’ve never at least laughed at a joke or sketch until Kit Harrington and Emma Stone hosted several weeks ago. Those were just painfully unfunny, nearly each and every sketch.

Thankfully, the show rebounded in a major way as Adam Sandler made his long-awaited return to SNL after 24 years away. In his opening monologue, Sandler explained why he left the show (he was fired).

For the most part, the show was relatively funny, with a few hits and misses. Sandler even brought back one of his most popular SNL characters: Operaman. But what most people will be talking about and will remember about that particular episode is how Sandler closed out the show.

Instead of doing another mildly funny sketch, Sandler brought out the guitar and his gave a musical tribute to his long-departed friend and fellow SNL alum, Chris Farley.


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