California is trying to keep Trump off primary ballot

According to the Washington Times, California is attempting to keep President Trump off the state’s presidential primary ballot.

The state Senate voted 27-10 on Thursday to require anyone appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot to publicly release five years’ worth of income tax returns. The proposal is in response to Trump, who bucked 40 years of tradition by refusing to release his tax returns prior to his election in 2016.

“We believe that President Trump, if he truly doesn’t have anything to hide, should step up and release his tax returns,” said Sen. Mike McGuire, a Democrat from Healdsburg and the co-author of the bill along with Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat.

California’s primary is scheduled for March 3, 2020, so if the bill becomes a law in the state, President Trump’s name would not appear on the ballot unless he discloses his tax returns with California’s secretary of state.

In 2017, a similar measure was passed but the governor at the time did not sign the bill into law because he thought it was unconstitutional.

The post also says that Democrat candidates who haven’t released their tax returns.


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