The Washington Post refers to Louis Farrakhan as ‘far right’

The Washington Post is a decidedly liberal outlet. When Jennifer Rubin is considered your conservative reporter/blogger, you are a, without a doubt, a newspaper that has a liberal point of view. And that’s fine, they can take their editorials and letter to the editors in anyway they see fit. I just don’t have to agree to it and can refuse to purchase their publication.

While having a point of view is fine, presenting facts are one way when they are actually the exact opposite, well that might be a problem. In an article, published Thursday, The Washington Post labeled Rev. Louis Farrakhan as being “far right.”

Farrakhan has a long track record of anti-Semitism and of cozying up to Democratic politicians but apparently that still makes you “far right.”

Those on Twitter made sure the publication was aware of their “mistake.”

The Washington Post eventually corrected itself, saying the inncorrectly labeled him and that instead he was an “extremist.”

While mistakes do occur, how does something like this ever even happen?


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