Students mock pro-life display by crudely singing and dancing around cemetery for the unborn

Society is spiraling downward fast, especially with the pro-abortion crowd. You may support the right to choose, and that’s a personal decision you’re entitled to, but why get downright nasty about others supporting the right to life?

That’s exactly what some students did at the University of Texas-San Antonio by dancing around the Students for Life’s pro-life cemetery for the unborn. Video footage shows the group singing, “Stop, hey, hey, what’s that sound, all the fetuses are in the ground!” and another pointing at one of the crosses saying, “Look, there’s mine right there!”

The Students for Life issued a statement about the incident, saying:

On campus several weeks ago, April 9th, at the University of Texas-San Antonio, Planned Parenthood supporters walked through and mocked a Cemetery of the Innocents display put up by the Students for Life group as part of the Spring 2019 Planned Parenthood Truth tour. The protesters yelled about how they loved abortion and some even pointed at the crosses and said “look, there’s mine right there.” One student said that she loves to have sex and to abort fetuses and that’s “my number one kink.”

In that statement, they also said they filed a police report but the police said they were unable to help.

“We then went and filed a police report and the police said they couldn’t do anything because we were handing out the info he didn’t technically steal, even though we said not all of it was to take. He finally let us file a police report, but said charges can’t be made until they investigate.”



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