New Burger King ad promotes ‘unhappy meals’

Burger King is introducing a line of meals to appeal to any mood, even if it’s an unhappy one.

The new ad and meal campaign is also tied to Mental Health Awareness Month in May, and according to CNBC, the meals are branded as “Blue Meal, Salty Meal, Yaaas Meal and DGAF (Don’t Give a F—) Meal. They include a Whopper, french fries and a drink.”

The new ad is up on their Twitter account with the hashtag #feelyourway and “swaps Burger King’s well-known chorus from the 1970s, “Have it your way,” with “Feel your way.”

“No one is happy all the time,” Burger King said.

The new campaign is obviously trolling McDonalds’ popular “Happy Meals.”

People reacted to the new ad on Twitter.



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