Hillary Clinton says she’s ‘living rent free in Donald Trump’s brain’

Hillary Clinton is not and she will never be President of the United States. In what is likely the most stunning presidential upset in our country’s history, the former secretary of state lost to Donald Trump.

However, because her campaign ignored entire states and ran on the fact that she’s a woman, they lost. Following her astonishing loss to a former reality TV star, Clinton discussed how she would take long walks in the woods in order to escape and get away from the fact that she did lose. The woman even wrote an entire book in which she blamed everybody under the sun for the loss except herself, of course.

Now, Hillary, as she often does, gave an interview on the current administration. She appeared on MSNBC and told Rachel Maddow that she’s actually “living rent free inside of Donald Trump’s brain.” She went on to call the Republicans in Congress and the current administration a “disgrace.”

She talks about how she sat for hours and hours and answered about Benghazi. Needless to say, even three years later, Clinton is obviously still smarting from her loss, which is understandable.

But what she doesn’t seem to get is that no matter what she calls President Trump, how terrible or dumb of a person he is, she lost to him. But of course, Hillary didn’t lose because her campaign was incompetent and she was a terrible candidate, it’s because Russians denied her the White House.

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