What? Rep. Omar blames U.S. for situation in Venezuela

Things in Venezuela aren’t good right about now. The South American country is essentially out of control as Nicolas Madura refuses to leave office.

People have taken to the streets calling for his removal from office. And how has Madura responded? By turning the country’s military against its citizens.

There is footage, coming out of the socialist country, of the tanks literally running over citizens.


The political and social unrest is unreal. The people are demanding Maduro step aside and allow Juan Guaido to officially become the leader of their country.
But so far Maduro isn’t cooperating.

However, one American lawmaker believes the United States is to blame for the issues the Venezuelans are now dealing with; that it’s the “bullying” Americans that have created this situation.

Wanna guess which lawmaker thinks America is responsible for all the starvation, death and unrest in Venezuela? Yep, that’s right Democrat, Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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