TRAILER: Mindy Kaling in ‘Late Night’

“The Office” is one of, if not, the best television shows of all time.  Every single character is so relatable in some of fashion.  If you’re not able to identity with one character, then guaranteed you know someone just like them.

Mindy Kaling got her start writing for and then starring on the iconic program. Knowing her background as Kelly Kapoor, I’m likely to give anything she’s in at least a chance.

Kaling’s latest film, “Late Night,” is set in the world of comedy, of course. Her character is hired to write for a failing late-night talk show who feel they need to add some diversity to the writers’ room.

Being wholly under qualified, she’s a little more than a little surprised after learning she got the job. Somehow, some way she just might be able to turn around the underperforming show.

“Late Night” opens June 7 in theaters.

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