Kirsten Gillibrand wants to give you money to give back to her

Politicians like money. They need money and they spend tons over the course of a campaign in order to get elected.

So, in keeping with their love of money, New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand wants to give you money only so you can give it right back to her.

Seriously, Gillibrand is proposing a public voucher program which she is calling “Democracy for Dollars” in which every voter would be eligible to receive $600 to give to candidates.

However, according to her plan, candidates, in order to receive those donations, would have to agree to not accept any donations bigger than $200. Also, her plan would restrict how much and when you would be able to spend your “Democracy Dollars.”

Only a politician would devise a plan where they give you your money, tell you that it has to go back to them, tell you how and when to spend your money and then actually think that’s an inventive or good idea.

This is Gillibrand’s first policy proposal.

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