Candace Owens announces she’s leaving TPUSA

In a post on Instagram, Candace Owens announced she is moving on from her role as communications director at Turning Point USA.

“I am both excited and sad to announce that after our epic Campus Clash season, I am officially moving on from my role as Communications Director for Turning Point USA,” she tweeted.

Here’s her full statement from her Instagram post.

Charlie and I never could have predicted how big things would get since that day I was sprinting around a conference in Palm Beach trying to get anyone to give me a chance.
We couldn’t have predicted the Kanye tweet. We couldn’t have predicted our breakfast with Antifa. And we definitely couldn’t have predicted Ted Lieu.
And yet here we are.
Turning Point is an amazing organization that is fighting a cultural war on college campuses. Watching the way in which this organization has grown has been one of the greatest honors of my life.
We love our freedom-fighting students. We love our campus clashes. I have loved every single minute of traveling the country and learning the real spirit of this amazing nation.
But the sad truth is that the majority of black Americans don’t never make it to college.
My dream has always been simple— to wake up black America—To turn the lights on within a community that has been used and abused by the Democrat party for decades.
No one believed my dream was possible. Charlie always knew it was.
Can we move the black vote 20 point by 2020? That is my vision and I want to pour every single minute into making my dream a reality.
With the #BLEXIT movement, the Candace Owens podcast, and my upcoming book— I no longer feel I can be a dedicated communications director to an organization that is rightfully growing rapidly.
In many ways, today feels like a graduation! I have learned so much and want to thank all of our students, and especially Tyler Bowyer and Charlie Kirk for giving me this amazing platform and opportunity to do what I love most.
All that aside— I will of course still be speaking at all Turning Point conferences and will continue to chair the annual Black Leadership Summit in the fall.
So sign up people!
Fittingly—on this week’s episode of the Candace Owens Show, Charlie and I will take a trip down memory lane. Be sure to tune in! We couldn’t be more excited to share this conversation with the world.


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