VIDEO: Author Fran Lebowitz suggests President Trump should be murdered

The Left loves open dialogue, diverse opinions and basically just love hearing what everyone has to say. What they despise is violence of any kind, they are a loving group of people who would never […]


Liberal site makes awful pro-abortion argument: Can’t be pro-life and support death penalty

The ability to kill unborn, innocent children is a holy sacrament to those on the left. Putting any restrictions on the procedure will set liberals off in a rage. They’ll scream and stomp around about […]

Kirsten Gillibrand believes anti-abortion laws are not Christian

Liberals are losing their minds, once again, after Alabama signed a bill into law, virtually making any abortion in the state a felony. Now, there’s no doubt that this law will be challenged in the […]

Ocasio-Cortez: GOP is racist for not supporting the Green New Deal

Taking care of our natural resources is a noble endeavor. We’ve only been given one Earth, so it only makes sense to take care of it, right? Combating climate change is apart of protecting our […]