Bernie Sanders wants Disney to use ‘Endgame’ profits to pay workers more

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has an idea for Disney on how they should spend the profits from the latest Avengers movie: pay their workers more.

Over the weekend, the superhero flick earned a whopping $1.2 billion globally, and many think it will top Avatar as the highest grossing film ever. Sanders latched onto that number and tweeted, “What would be truly heroic is if Disney used its profits from Avengers to pay all of its workers a middle class wage, instead of paying its CEO Bob Iger $65.6 million – over 1,400 times as much as the average worker at Disney makes.”

This isn’t a new stance for the senator – he’s previously criticized Disney for not paying their employees a fair share, saying back in 2018 that “Disney talks about being a family-oriented company, well, we’ve got families right here.” 

“What we are saying is that at a time of massive income and wealth inequality, at a time when so many people are struggling to put food on the table, to get health care, or affordable housing, Disney can lead this country in ending the type of corporate greed which is causing so much pain from coast to coast.”



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