Bernie Sanders doubles down on allowing incarcerated felons to vote

This current crop of Democratic presidential candidates has moved their party further and further to the left. Many of them have advocated getting rid of private insurance, the Electoral College and implementing the Green New Deal.

But without question, the one who has and continues to advocate for the most leftist, liberal ideas is Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders. He is the person most responsible for noticeable leftward shift of the party.

Bernie was advocating most of these ideas he’s spouting during the 2016 presidential primary. But one he didn’t, one that has since gotten a lot of attention is allowing violent felons the right to vote, even from prison. Sanders, during a recent CNN town hall, even went so far as to say the Boston Marathon bomber should be able to vote from his cell.

Of course, this caused some controversy. But that doesn’t seem to have stopped the democratic socialist as he once again spouted the same proposal on Tuesday.

Following his appearance on CNN Tuesday, Sanders’ campaign Twitter account posted the same idea.

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