VIDEO: Kamala Harris refuses to talk to TPUSA’s Anna Paulina after she confronts her on immigration

Turning Point USA’s Anna Paulina ran into Kamala Harris at the airport and tried to ask the California Senator some questions about immigration.

“Hi. I’m the director of Hispanic engagement at Turning Point USA. I want to know about the children that you are saying that are at the border right now,” Paulina said.

Harris brushed her off and replied that she was talking photos with her fans.

“Wait, can you answer this question real quick?” Paulina pressed.

“They asked me to take a picture,” Harris replied.

“She is damaging what is happening to Hispanic women and children at the border, because she’s promoting family reunification, which child sex traffickers are directly linked to,” Paulina said.

“You’re not commenting on this issue,” she continued. “You are directly impacting the Hispanic demographic in a negative way. You are directly impacting what is happening with the children in this country, and you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing as a representative, representing women in this country. Shame on you. You’re not going to win.”

Watch the exchange below.

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