Sen. Lindsey Graham: Does Biden fit into the 2020 Democratic Party?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for the presidency after his Thursday morning announcement.

He’s been leading virtually every poll gauging support for Democratic presidential candidates, even without actually being in the race. Now that the former Delaware senate has announced it will be interesting to see how and if those numbers change at all.

However, Biden’s party has moved much further to the left and they continue to do so as Warren, Bernie and Harris try to figure out news ways to buy votes by promising free things, paid by with the money of others, of course.

So, the big question is: How does Biden fit into this 2020 Democratic Party? Biden’s record is one that is considerably more moderate than that of the current crop of presidential candidates. Will he apologizes for some of his votes, statements and positions?  Just how far left will he go in order to get the nomination?

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was on CBS Sunday morning and this raised exact question.

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