VIDEO: Bill Maher upset, whines about Mueller report conclusions

Democrats and liberals alike are still unable to get over the fact that Robert Mueller’s report didn’t turn up Trump-Russian collusion.

For two years, each and every Democrat in the media and in the halls of Congress were waiting for anticipation of the Mueller report. It was going to be the greatest thing ever, ever.

But now that it’s out and it didn’t provide them with their foregone conclusion of Trump’s guilt, they want to change want a do over. Liberals have been crying and screaming like a child at Walmart over the report since its release.

Comedian Bill Maher perfectly vocalized liberals complaints with Mueller because he didn’t give them want they so desperately hoped he’d deliver.

Before and during the report, Mueller was their god, if liberals believed in a power higher than themselves. Now, he’s their clown should because he should be cast out, never to be heard from again.

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