New York Times apologizes for publishing anti-Semitic cartoon

The New York Times is in some hot water and it’s an entirely a controversy of their own making. Apparently, on Thursday, “The Gray Lady,” in its international addition, ran an anti-Semitic cartoon.

The Times’ drawing depicts Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog on a collar as it leads President Donald Trump wearing a yamaka. Of course, this is supposed to mock the close-knit relationship between Israel and The United States but there was probably a better way of going about doing this, maybe with less anti-Semitism.

After getting severe backlash for their openly anti-Semitic display, the Times issued an apology.

Regardless of the apology, this display of anti-Semitism is not just offensive, but pretty unbelievable.  This would have never gone out without prior approval from a number of editors. Everyone with a double-digit IQ understands the paper is overwhelmingly liberal in its point of view, but now it also appears to be anti-Semitic as well.

From the halls of Congress to the pages of the New York Times, this is just the latest example of blatant anti-Semitism.

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