Jewish deli owner called a Nazi for welcoming NRA members

The NRA Annual Meetings are happening in Indianapolis this weekend, bringing millions of dollars in revenue to the Circle City. Shapiros, a local deli that’s been an Indianapolis staple for over 100 years, posted a welcome message to NRA members on their Twitter page and now they’re being accused of serving Nazis by a Indy Councilor.

We welcome all to Shapiro’s including supporters attending the convention! Come enjoy the same delicious food ate! ” the tweet read.

Indy Councilor Zac Adamson then posted a screen shot of the tweet to his Facebook page, saying “this breaks my heart.” Then, in the comments, he replied to another person saying, “This is about bragging that you feed Nazis and then being shocked with all the locals avoid you…”

Screenshot of Zach Adamson post

Owner Brian Shapiro called in to talk to local radio host Tony Katz of WIBC and said the whole thing confuses him.

“I’m just confused by his comment that he’s upset with us. I just don’t understand… If Indianapolis doesn’t want Donald Trump here, then I guess they can pass a law that stops him from coming here, but the other side of the coin is it’s going to bring the city $32 million… At the end of the day, the government is supposed to improve people’s lives by making people’s business better and growing the economy. Obviously, the councilman is upset,” he said.

Shapiro’s later posted this tweet with the now infamous “This business serves everyone” sticker that became popular in the Indianapolis area after then Gov. Pence’s RFRA controversy.


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