Heitkamp and Donnelly working on a ‘how to talk to Trump voters’ guide

Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly both lost their Senate reelection bids to Republicans, but now the two are teaming up to write a guide for other Democrats on how to talk to Trump voters.

One Country Project, as it’s called, will form teams of Democrats who will focus on Senate and presidential races in rural communities, and the goal is to flip them back to blue.

“What we heard on the ground is that the Democratic Party no longer speaks for the entire country,” Heitkamp told Axios. “They’ve forgotten the middle of the country and forgot to even show up. Even past Democratic voters didn’t recognize the Democratic Party of 2018.”

And while they have been working with the DNC, Heitkamp expressed that she’s not pleased with the results.

“They need to show up. They need to recognize that there are voters in rural America who will again vote for the Democratic Party if they hear ideas and goals that are consistent with what they need to thrive. The Democratic Party needs to be a 50 state party, and not just an urban party.”


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