‘The Office’ could be leaving Netflix

I love “The Office,” you love “The Office,” frankly everybody loves “The Office.” Believe me, I know I’ve taken a poll.  That’s what she said.

Yes, it appears that Michael, Jim, Dwight and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin staff may disappear from the popular streaming service.   As nearly every network and studio rush to create a streaming a service of their own in order to compete with Netflix and Hulu, NBC is getting in on the act as well.

Apparently, NBCUniversal will launch their video streaming service in 2020 and since “The Office” appeared on NBC during its nine season run, well it’s been discussed of removing it from Netflix.

Netflix even responded to the news that Pam and Creed could be on their way out.

As you can see, Netflix says the popular series will remain with them until 2021 but this could be a make or break move for them because “The Office” is easily the most watched series on Netflix. 


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