Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon call out Dems proposing to allow terrorists, murders to vote from prison

The Democratic Party has gone far, far to the left. They want to get rid of private health insurance, give us the Green New Deal, get rid of the Electoral College and now they want to allow people like the Boston Marathon bomber to vote…from prison.

Bernie Sanders, in a CNN town hall Monday evening, agreed with the idea, stating that right to vote should be extended “even for terrible people,” including the Boston Marathon bomber. Kamala Harris, also on Monday evening, said that she would give such a proposal “consideration” but on Tuesday she appeared to backtrack a bit.

Well,  this idea of giving rapists and murders a say in our electoral process is absurd. After they’ve done their time, paid their debt to society and left prison, yes, voting rights should be restored. But while they are in prison? No, and I think the Democrats will find most thinking Americans will agree.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon even called out the Dems for their insane proposal for what it is: far, far left.

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