Jeremy Renner subtly takes a shot at Brie Larson’s feminist activism during interview

“Avengers: Endgame” comes out this week and its stars are doing press tours to promote the film. Ever since Brie Larson joined the cast as Captain Marvel, rumors have been swirling that the rest of the cast wasn’t too fond of her.

The cast has denied it, of course, but her interactions with them in some recent interviews hasn’t been all that friendly. First, there was the snap back at Chris Hemsworth who pointed out Tom Cruise also does his own stunts.

Now, Jeremy Renner, who plays Haweye, is subtly calling her out for using her acting platform as a form of activism. During the interview, Larson goes on a tangent about how it’s responsible as an actor to use their platform that way.

Renner looks bored during her answer, then follows up after her spiel with, “I’m pretty accountable and responsible for my own life at any rate,” began Renner. “Celebrity is not something I use as any sort of platform to be more responsible or more accountable, I suppose.”

Watch the video below.


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