Cher questions Bernie Sanders’ ‘let rapists, terrorists and Boston Marathon bomber vote’ answer

Hollywood loves Democrats. Don’t believe me? Look at all the Hollywood money that eventually finds its way into the pockets of Democrats running for president.

Every four years, Democrats running for the Oval Office head over to the land of glitz and glamour for that campaign cash. Hillary did it and so did Obama before her.  Just watch as one by one those politicians from the party that supposedly hate and despise millionaires gladly taker their money.

Well, there’s at least one celebrity that one won’t be writing any checks for Bernie Sanders, at least for the time being: Cher.

The legendary singer and Oscar-winner wasn’t real thrilled with Sanders’ answer during his CNN town hall Monday evening.

The Vermont democratic-socialist was asked by an audience member whether terrorists and sexual predators should have the right to vote from prison. Bernie gave a long drawn out answer in which he blamed Republicans but did eventually answer in the affirmative that terrorists – even the Boston Marathon bomber should have the right to vote from prison.


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