Warren proposes universal free college, canceling student loan debt

You’ve got to hand it to Elizabeth Warren. She may be wrong on nearly every single issue and in nearly every single poll, she’s down toward the bottom, garnering support, normally, in the single digits, but she is not giving up easy.

She was the first Democratic candidate to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and now she’s saying that we need universal free college and the cancelation of student loan debt up to $50,000.

She’s swinging for the fences and now is essentially trying to buy votes using other peoples’ money.

I understand that college is expensive and that education is important. However, did we ever stop to think as to why college is so expensive? Perhaps it has to with colleges being so bloated, having tons of employees and paying professors an absurd amount on money for teaching one or two classes a semester.

Also, when exactly did we get to the point that if I take out a loan – a promise to pay an specific amount of money in a certain period of time – that I shouldn’t be required to do so?



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