Elizabeth Warren writes a review of Game of Thrones

Elizabeth Warren, in a effort to be cool and hip, decided to write a review of the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. The Senator shared her review on her Twitter account, saying the reason she loves the show is the women, then linked her review.

Her favorite? Daenerys Targaryen because she’s a queen who declares that she doesn’t serve the interests of the rich and powerful “and “a ruler who doesn’t want to control the political system but to break the system as it is known.”

She then goes on to equate the Lannisters with the 1% and laments about them having big banks on their side.

The Lannisters have long been the richest family in Westeros, and they’ve paid an enormous price to become richer and more powerful. Their matriarch has lost her father and all three of her children. Her brothers have abandoned her. Cersei is a lot more honest about wielding power than most.

Unlike Dany, Cersei doesn’t expect to win with the people — she expects to win in spite of them. When Cersei’s brother (and lover) Jaime begs her not to wage a war — arguing that they don’t have the warrior strength of the Dothraki or the allegiance of the other houses, she replies with all the confidence in the Seven Kingdoms: “We have something better. We have the Iron Bank.”

So while Warren sings the praises of the strong women on the show and compares the plot to her campaign platforms, it’s interesting to note that many have taken issue with how women are portrayed on the show.

Reactions to her piece were priceless.




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