Schiff: House may take up impeachment

After Mueller report didn’t show the Democrats what they wanted to see as far as the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians. Since collusion didn’t stick, they’ve now moved onto screaming and repeating “obstruction.”

Now some Democrats, including presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, are calling for impeachment proceedings. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was on ABC Sunday morning and like most politicians, refused to give a straight answer.

He said that the House may take up impeachment proceedings, “if it’s what is best for the country.” However, he then went to blame the Republicans because, according to Schiff, they will not play along and will block any attempts to do so.

This guy, or really any politician, for that matter, does not honestly care for the best interest of the country. It’s all about the next election for politicians. That’s all they can see and all they truly care about.


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