CNN’S Brian Stelter blasts Trump for typo

Brian Stelter hosts a program, “Reliable Sources,” which regularly looks at the media and the accuracy/bias in the media.

On Sunday, Stelter spent an entire minute of his program blasting President Trump for a typo in a tweet about the deadly Sri Lanka bombing in which more than 200 Christians lost their lives.

Stelter, on his high horse and after taking a few seconds to compose himself, said the tweet was up for more than 20 minutes and called it a really embarrassing error.

He then goes on to lecture about accuracy and the need to have the right facts. During his faux outrage, Stelter, told us that accuracy matters for leaders just as much as it matters in a newsroom.

He ends by saying that “when someone can’t get the little stuff right, it makes you worry about the big stuff.”

Was the tweet wrong? Yes, and it was corrected. Should someone have caught such an error before it was posted? Of course they should, but to act like this is why the people don’t like the media. They constantly hyperventilate over things like this, blowing things out of proportion.

Also, Stelter works for CNN, the network that told us over and over again that Russian collusion happened and that Trump was a foreign agent, that we could take it to the bank. But, we all know how that turned out.

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