Eric Swalwell’s ask for campaign donations goes hilariously bad

Eric “I’ll jail gun owners” Swalwell is running for President of the United States.  Running for the highest office in the land is expensive and this seems to be one of the few things the California Democrat does understand.

If you check his campaign Twitter account one of their most regular tweets is begging for campaign donations. However, one recent money ask from the  Swalwell campaign didn’t go quite as planned.

For someone odd reason, the campaign invoked a bag of potato chips during their ask, saying that “$1 could buy you a half bag of chips OR it could save us from a crumbling government. How will you spend yours?”

Let me get this straight, a dollar isn’t enough to to even buy an entire bag of chips but it’s plenty to save our federal government from complete and total ruin? Where do the Democrats find these people?

Well, of course, Twitter responded and they had some fun.

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